Hat-trick for our students at the Melbourne Meeting for Molecular Modellers

Last Friday, the M^4 Meeting (Melbourne Meeting for Molecular Modellers) was held for the first time since 2014. The meeting attracted about 70 participants from universities and research institutes around Melbourne and Geelong and was a great success for some of our students who took home three of the four student prizes. Congratulations to:

  • Dominique Wappett for the best poster prize for her poster “Benchmarking Density Functional Theory for reactions catalysed by metalloenzymes”
  • Amy Hancock for the third-best poster prize for her poster “Do modern TD-DFT methods rise to the challenge of noncovalent excited-state binding?”
  • Zahra Zahir (co-supervised with Prof. Colette Boskovic) for the best oral presentation by an HDR student for her talk “Robust DFT-based strategies for predicting valence tautomeric complexes”

Well done, everyone!