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  1. Congratulations to Nisha

    Congratulations to Nisha for passing all examinations for her PhD thesis “Exploring the applicability of Density Functional Theory approximations”. Nisha has contributed in various areas and …


  2. Mary Lugton Scholarship for Nisha Mehta

    Congratulations to Nisha Mehta who has retroactively been granted a Mary Lugton Scholarship for 2021. This scholarship was established in 2020 with a gift from Mary …


  3. Goodbye, Asim.

    Goodbye to Dr Asim Najibi who recently left the group after finishing his PhD to take up a position with a Comp Chem company. All the …


  4. Congratulations to Marcos

    Congratulations to Marcos for passing all examinations for his PhD thesis “Development and Assessment of new Time-Dependent Long-Range Corrected Double-Hybrid Density Functionals for Excited States”. His …


  5. New paper on predicting transition temperatures between valence tautomers

    Congratulations to Zahra’s first paper of her PhD in joint authorship with Jett Janetzki, Colette Boskovic and others. This is a wonderful joint computational-experimental paper that …


  6. Congratulations to Asim

    Congratulations to Asim Najibi for passing all examinations for his PhD thesis “Finding the Best Ingredients of Density Functional Approximations for Ground-state Molecular Chemistry”. The first …


  7. New collaborative paper

    You can read our latest contributions to our collaboration on multifunctional coordination polymers with the Abrahams group here.


  8. Goodbye, Nisha

    Goodbye, Nisha, and all the best for your postdoc in the Martin group at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel. It’s been a great …


  9. Goodbye, Marcos

    Goodbye to Marcos who will leave Australia tomorrow to soon commence his postdoc in the Neese group at the MPI for Coal Research in Mühlheim.  It’s …


  10. Some of the most accurate TD-DFT methods

    We just published some of the most accurate TD-DFT methods for organic molecules in JCTC. Congratulations to Marcos on his final PhD and his first corresponding-author …


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