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  1. Welcome to Shebual

    Welcome to Shebual Sebastian Antony Selvan, our newest PhD student.


  2. Lars Goerigk joins PCCP Editorial Board

    Lars Goerigk has joined the Editorial Board of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP) as an Associate Editor.


  3. Welcome, Emily

    Welcome to Emily Green who’d like to know what life as a computational chemist is like. She joined our group for her 6-week chemical research project …


  4. Welcome back, Erica

    Welcome back, Erica Giudici. Erica did a third-year project with us and now she’s back for a joint computational-experimental Masters project with the experimental part done …


  5. Welcome, Vaughan

    Welcome back to Vaughan Riley. After doing his third-year research project with us last year, he rejoined the group today for his Masters. Glad to have …


  6. Goodbye, Tobias

    Goodbye to Tobias Loeff, who was a group member for 10 months as part of an exchange Masters program with the University of Edinburgh. His project …


  7. Welcome to Ariel and Egidio

    Welcome to Ariel Jones and Egidio Viegas. Ariel is our latest PhD student. Se completed her undergraduate studies and her Honours degree at The University of …


  8. New article on selfinteraction error in DFT

    Congratulations to PhD student Dale Lonsdale for publishing his latest article, which reveals how the selfinteraction error in DFT depends on geometry and the type of …


  9. Welcome, Cooper

    Welcome to Cooper Forster who joined us for six weeks as a third-year research student.


  10. Dr Lars Goerigk promoted to Associate Professor

    Dr Lars Goerigk has been promoted to Associate Professor, effective from 1 January 2023.


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