Congratulations to Marcos

Congratulations to Marcos for passing all examinations for his PhD thesis ” Your thesis entitled: Development and Assessment of new Time-Dependent Long-Range Corrected Double-Hybrid Density Functionals for Excited States, has been passed by the examiners.” His accurate TD-DFT methods can be used in ORCA5. Find a list of Marcos publications here. Marcos is the 2nd student to graduate with a PhD from this group. Well done!

Congratulations to Asim

Congratulations to Asim Najibi for passing all examinations for his PhD thesis “Finding the Best Ingredients of Density Functional Approximations for Ground-state Molecular Chemistry”. The first PhD student from this group to complete, so it’s a very special moment. You can find a list of his contributions here.

Goodbye, Marcos

Goodbye to Marcos who will leave Australia tomorrow to soon commence his postdoc in the Neese group at the MPI for Coal Research in Mühlheim.  It’s been a productive time and we’re glad to have had you on board over the past years. Marcos’ PhD papers on some of the most accurate and robust TD-DFT methods are listed here:

Some of the most accurate TD-DFT methods

We just published some of the most accurate TD-DFT methods for organic molecules in JCTC. Congratulations to Marcos on his final PhD and his first corresponding-author paper. Our new methods are available for free in the recently released ORCA5. The article can be found here.

Goodbye, Josh

Goodbye, Joshua Van Dijk, who joined our group for a 6-week 3rd-year project in January before staying on as a research assistant. All the best for your new job.

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