Are you a University of Melbourne student interested in doing your Masters/Honours?

You feel you have only touched the world of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry briefly in your second-, and third-year lab courses? Maybe you have also taken the Computational Chemistry or Quantum Mechanics in Chemistry modules in your third year?

If those courses interested you and if you can imagine dedicating time on a longer research project in this area, enquire now to find out more about Masters/Honours projects. During your time as an Masters/Honours student, you will not only work on your research project, but you will also acquire additional skills, such as handling command-line based tools, scripting and (optionally) basic programming skills.

In addition, it is expected that you also attend regular group meetings that will teach you the basics of the underlying theories that we use for our research, something that requires basic knowledge of calculus and linear algebra. By the end of your project, you will then be well prepared to tackle the real big issues in this field.

Still interested? Please contact the group leader.