New article on time-dependent double hybrid DFT

Congratulations to Marcos who published his latest contribution to the field of time-dependent range-separated double hybrids for excitation energies in a special issue on 65 Years of Electron Transfer in The Journal of Chemical Physics.

This is the first study that also considers time-dependent PBE-based double hybrids with range-separation for excited states, one of the few that systematically compares the conventional time-dependent DFT scheme with the faster Tamm-Dancoff Approximation for double hybrids, and the first study since 2007 that considers double hybrid performance for technologically relevant triplet excited states. Our previously published ωB2GP-PLYP functional comes out again as one of the most robust an accurate excited-state functionals on the market. Its singlet-state implementation already forms part of ORCA4.2 and our triplet implantation will be part of the next release. The article can be accessed here.