Dr Lars Goerigk awarded a 2019 Le Fèvre Medal

Dr Lars Goerigk has been awarded a 2019 Le Fèvre Medal by the Australian Academy of Science for his contributions to the field of Density Functional Theory (DFT), a major computational-chemistry technique used routinely by chemists to support and predict experiments. Dr Goerigk’s work helped to provide more reliable computational strategies that have already been used for chemical research, the description of biomolecular structures, and the development of novel smart technologies.
The Le Fèvre medal recognises outstanding basic research in chemistry and as such it is one of the highest national awards in chemistry for scientists that are within their first ten years post PhD. The medal itself will be awarded at an event by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute in late 2019. To see the citations for all 20 of the Academy of Science’s 2019 Honorific Awards, click here.