The group celebrate their successes in 2018

The Goerigk group celebrated the end of the year early to reward themselves for all their hard work and reflect upon their successes in 2018.

In particular congratulations are due to:

  • Domi and Dale, for finishing their Masters (we can’t wait to have you back next year for your PhD)
  • Asim, who published two first-author papers
  • Nisha and Marcos, for publishing their first paper of their PhD, which also was Nisha’s first first-author paper.
  • Marcos, whose first first-author paper will be submitted later today
  • Asim, Nisha and Marcos for meeting their confirmation requirements for their PhD.
  • Amy, for starting her Masters project and completing her Masters progress seminar
  • Julius for giving his completion seminar as part of our exchange program with Humboldt University
  • Zahra for making her first computational predictions before she will go back to the lab next year.

We also used the occasion for a last get-together with Julius and Nhan who will be leaving the group for their respective home institutions next year. All the best for your future projects!

While more exciting events will be coming up in December (Marcos, Asim and Dale will attend QUACCS), this is the last entry for this year, as the group leader will take some time off.