Congratulations to Asim for his first first-author paper

We recently published a new paper in The Journal of Physical Chemistry A that sheds light into a specific variation of double-hybrid density functionals, so-called orbital-optimised double hybrids. While initial studies hinted at a great potential of this new variation, our more detailed analysis shows that the story is not as simple as some may have inititially thought. This new insight shows that the current double hybrids highlighted in our recent, large GMTKN55 benchmark study are still the best choice for computational chemistry applications.

Congratulations to Asim on the occasion of his first first-author paper.

A. Najibi, L. Goerigk, “A comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of orbital optimization in double-hybrid density functionals in the treatment of thermochemistry, kinetics, and noncovalent interactions“, The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2018, published online. DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpca.8b04058