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  1. Our recent JACS paper is mentioned in the NCI news

    Our recent JACS paper is mentioned in the NCI news:

  2. New paper on van-der-Waals DFT and GMTKN55

    Our latest article in JCTC shows that van-der-Waals DFT can be sped up by a factor of two without compromising its accuracy. We also update our …

  3. The Australian names Lars Goerigk as an Australian research leader

    Based on a big-data analysis of the Australian research landscape by League of Scholars, a special issue of The Australian’s Research Magazine named Dr Lars Goerigk …

  4. New collaborative paper

    We published a new collaborative paper with the Wille group, which relied on out excited-state calculations: M. Barzegar Amiri Olia, A. N. Hancock, C. H. Schiesser, L. Goerigk, …

  5. Front-cover article in PCCP

    Our large study showing the superiority of semi-empirical over non-empirical double-hybrid DFT is now featured on PCCP’s front cover. Well done, Nisha and Marcos. The full article …

  6. New paper in Advanced Energy Materials

    The paper “Solution‐Processable, Solid State Donor–Acceptor Materials for Singlet Fission”, led by Dr David Jones, just got published in Advanced Energy Materials. In this experimental-computational collaboration, we …

  7. Welcome to Zahra and Julius

    Welcome to Zahra and Julius. Zahra joins us temporarily for a collaborative PhD project with Colette Boskovic’s group. Julius will be here for three months and …

  8. Supplementary cover in JACS

    The collaborative project with the Ritchie and other groups recently published in JACS is now features on the supplementary cover.

  9. Welcome to Michael

    Welcome to Michael Dardis who explores what it is like to be a Theoretical Chemist as part of his 6-week CHEM30013 research project.

  10. Welcome to Nhan

    Welcome to Le Nhan Pham, a visiting PhD student from KU Leuven in Belgium, who joins our group for four months.

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