(INV24: A test set for inversion barriers available as Open Access)

Welcome to the Goerigk Research Group website. The group is based at the School of Chemistry at The University of Melbourne, Australia, and is led by recently appointed lecturer and ARC DECRA Fellow Dr Lars Goerigk. Our research revolves around the exciting field of Quantum Chemistry, which is the description of electrons in chemical systems by evoking the laws of Quantum Mechanics. Our interests comprise both the development of new quantum-chemical methods, as well as applications to Organic-, Inorganic-, Physico- or Biochemical problems. We have established a range of national and international collaborations with experimental and other theoretical groups, and our research is supported by various local, national and international funding schemes. Please feel free to explore our website through the links provided in the right-hand sidebar (or at the bottom of the page, depending on your device).

Latest News

19 March 2017:

The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) awarded Dr Lars Goerigk the 2017 RACI Physical Chemistry Division Lectureship. With this lectureship the Physical Chemistry Division of RACI allows outstanding early- and mid-career physical or theoretical chemists to tour Australia to present their research work. The lectureship will be officially awarded at the upcoming RACI Centenary Congress in Melbourne in July. See more news here